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When a friend recommended hypnobirthing I was initially quite sceptical, but the more I read about it, the more it seemed to make sense, so I decided to take the plunge and look for a course in Norwich. Emma’s course seemed ideal: not only is she qualified as a hypnobirthing instructor, but it was important to me that she has also been a midwife for over 15 years, which made me more confident that any advice she gave us would actually work in real life for real women.


Our course consisted of four sessions lasting about 3 hours each, and included some deep relaxation and breathing techniques, which we have since been practicing at home, and a detailed discussion of what happens during birth and how your body works through the different stages. I felt that Emma’s knowledge really shone through and in addition to showing us how the hypnobirthing techniques can help your body do what it’s supposed to do, she was able to answer all of our questions in an open and honest way, exploding all of the old wives tales and Hollywood myths about childbirth I may have picked up over the years.


The best thing is that before the course I was slightly fearful about the birth and couldn’t really see past it. Now, I feel quietly confident about giving birth: However it happens, I am looking forward to meeting my baby and I’m getting really excited about becoming a mummy for the first time! (It’s going to be awesome!)"


C.P. March 2015



Very relaxing environment, so comfortable in terms of furniture, atmosphere and openness'


'We feel completely different about having a positive birth- very practical tips too'


'The most useful parts were the relaxation, visualisation, massage, discussions about how birth works- all equally useful in making me feel prepared and to start looking forward to it!'


'Very good value for money- especially with book and CD'


'I feel much more confident, empowered and in control'


'I would pay to do the course again as I feel it has made me feel I view birthing in a new light'


'It has been explained in a way that we understand and can go home and chat together about the course- which will help with our birthing'




Sarahs experience of hypnobirthing:


I became pregnant with my first baby at 30 years old after recently marrying my husband Chris. My job involves attending deliveries that may have complications for the baby. As my pregnancy progressed, I became fearful, panicky and had a warped sense of what was a 'normal' birthing would be like.


A few of my friends had used the principles of hypnobirthing for their own births to various degrees and all recommended it highly. I was lucky enough to know Emma from working together and felt that she could offer me and Chris exactly what we needed; someone personal, experienced and completely non-judgemental.


I contacted Emma and we began the 4 week course on a one to one basis when I was 27 weeks pregnant. This was a great time to start as I was feeling more energetic in the second trimester and had plenty of time left to practice the techniques before our daughter was born. Each of the sessions was well structured and logical. The first session covered all the basics of pregnancy and birthing, the physiology and the theory of hypnobirthing preventing the fear/pain cycle. It made complete sense! We asked lots of questions and both my husband and I left feeling more informed and calmer just from this session and looking forward to the next one.


Over the next 3 sessions, we covered massage techniques, breathing, relaxation and distraction scripts. I could see the change in Chris from thinking hed be on the sidelines feeling helpless, to realising he had a huge role to play and he was given the skills to help me when it was needed. I felt calmer and learned to focus only on the birth I wanted to have. The images of an instrumental delivery with a poorly baby faded as I replaced them with a normal birthing and a pink, healthy little girl at the end of it. I dont know what to expect, but I know from our time with Emma that whatever comes, I will cope, Chris would support me and we will use all the techniques we have learnt to remain in control of any situation that we have to face.


Both myself and Chris would recommend this course highly to any expecting parents. We are not particularly hippy or airy-fairy type people and you dont need to be. You can take anything to any extreme you want to, but we took on board what made sense to us and with Emmas help, focused on the parts that we knew would help us through our babys birth. This has truly been the best thing we have done as a couple through the pregnancy and we have enjoyed every part of the course. Thank you Emma and see you sometime in August


Feedback from courses:


'Very relaxing environment-so comfortable in terms of furniture, atmosphere and space.'


'Love the bean bags and open space.'


'Very comfy, great space and lighting.'


'We feel completely different about the possibilities of having a positive birth- very practical tips too.'


'I feel I have more control over potential pain and staying calm.'


'Feel much, much more confident and relaxed about it all.'


'I liked the relaxation. visualisations, massage and discussions (about how birth works) they were equally helpful in making me feel prepared and to start looking forward to it!'






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