Tora's birthing experience

I absolutely loved Emma's hypnobirthing classes. They were so relaxed but so informative and the homemade cake was amazing! We had done NCT classes prior to doing the hypnobirthing classes but I wish we'd just done the hypnobirthing. Emma's classes covered everything we needed to know and fully prepared us for the birth of our baby girl in a calm and positive way. The fact Emma is also a practising midwife is worth its weight in gold as she was able to answer all our questions and give us plenty of reassurance and practical support.


My birth turned out to be a far cry from what I wished for and had planned. However, I really believe that because of this the hypnobirthing techniques and skills we learnt were even more important and really helped me get through it.


I ended up being induced at term due to worsening pre eclampsia. I really didn't want to be induced but it was the safest thing for both me and baby. My surges started within 20 minutes of being induced and they were really strong and frequent. This was by far the hardest part of my labour as I really felt my body had no time to prepare and it was a total shock to the system. We were so lucky to be given our own room on Cley ward where we were able to have the lights nice and dim, play our music and scripts and keep things as calm and relaxed as possible. After 6 hours I had dilated to 5cm and my waters broke – I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to push and was rushed to delivery suite. Here I was told I couldn't push yet as I wasn't fully dilated.


The next 5 hours went by in a strange haze. I really focused in on myself and my body and breathed (with the help of gas and air!) through every contraction. It took everything I had not to push but the breathing and relaxation techniques totally saved me! We had our music on and I was really in the zone. At one point the music stopped and I started to lose it a bit and the midwife quickly told my husband to turn it back on! Unfortunately during this time I only dilated another 1cm and my surges weren't lasting long enough to do much. It was suggested I go onto the oxytocin drip to help them along but as I was already struggling not to push I was advised to have an epidural as the drip was only going to ramp things up and make it even harder. Of course I really wanted a natural, drug free labour but by this point I knew having the epidural was the right thing for me.


My body birthed for another 12 hours but I only reach 9cm during that time. A scan and several examinations revealed that my baby's head was at a funny angle and just wasn't putting the right pressure on the cervix to dilate it. At this point the lovely doctor suggested that we would probably we looking at a C-section. Again, this was yet another thing I really didn't want but after another 2 hours things were still the same so we were prepared for theatre. I think my husband was more nervous about this than I was, so we used the breathing techniques to stay calm together. We took our birthing play list with us into theatre and had it playing throughout which the medical staff loved. Our beautiful baby girl arrived at 4:21 on the 1st November (narrowly missing Halloween!) and I can honestly say that the whole experience was made far more bearable and positive because of Emma and her wonderful hypnobirthing course.





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