Olivia's story

Hi Emma,

We are home from the hospital with our beautiful baby boy, and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how the birth went and how useful I think hypnobirthing was for us.


Essentially, nothing went to plan! I was 2 weeks overdue so decided to opt for induction - thus ruling out MLBU. They wanted me to stay in overnight after I'd had the propess at about 6pm but I told my partner nothing was happening and to go home and get some sleep. Foolish! Contractions started swiftly, coming every 90 seconds or so, whilst I was on my own on a ward full of strangers. It was then that I started to feel a bit scared and used the breathing techniques to refocus and calmed myself right down. They removed the pessary at about 1am but contractions continued throughout the night. My partner came back and we listened to the audio files through shared headphones. They really helped me to zone out from the surroundings and relax through the contractions. Each time a contraction came, we breathed through it together and we just Kept doing that until they moved us to delivery suite the next day. We had a walk around the hospital and sat outside in the sun - all the time using the techniques to deal with very regular contractions.


Once we got onto delivery suite, I did need the drip to get things going and we opted for an epidural. It wasn't what we had planned again, but I felt very calm and in control in spite of that. I think I could write an essay about how things played out then but I'll save you the details. Essentially though, everything became much more medicalised over the next 12 hours and it ended up with a forceps delivery, a fairly substantial tear and a trip to theatre after the birth. When I was on the table in the theatre, I couldn't stop my body from shaking, I think through a combination of the adrenaline of giving birth and the drugs - and even then, my partner was refocusing me using the breathing techniques whilst holding the baby next to me! It really gave him something positive to keep doing and saying that was helpful - i think without it he might have floundered or got upset himself.


The main thing for me was that at no point did I feel scared, I felt calm and in control the whole time and I think Hypnobirthing really helped me ready myself for that. Obviously medicine and the amazing team at the N and N had a hand at the steering wheel, but I felt that even with all the interventions we needed - I had some control too. It was still a really positive experience and so thank you for helping us to prepare so well.







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