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Emma's hypnobirthing classes were an amazingly effective preparation for birth. My waters broke unexpectedly without any contractions or warning late one evening... if you had asked me a year before how I would have reacted or felt at that point I would have told you firmly and without doubt, that I would have been excited, yet scared and panicky. As it was, we calmly took it in our stride with a lovely sense of anticipation. We got some rest that night, and the next morning took a dawn stroll in the woods, feeling elated and in control. Stopping to breathe through surges we were happy and, well, quite high! I confess I hadn't quite thought it possible to be THAT good when I set out on the hypnobirthing course. But it is.


The comparison to this with the 'alternative' was staggering. As my waters had broken for over 18 hours we had to go in for monitoring on delivery suite later that day. The 30 minutes on the baby monitor when I was not comfortable and unable to practice the techniques Emma taught us were hell. The pain was intense and I can see why, when faced with this, women turn to pain relief. As it was, once returned to a stable environment I was able to refocus, and using hypnobirthing had our baby without even gas and air or paracetamol. The experience was wonderful, empowering and I am not scared or dreading doing it again. Highly recommended. Emma is not only lovely, supportive and knowledgeable - she is a practising midwife and so you know you can trust her.







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