Jenna's story

To fill you in. So the story goes that my waters broke the movie style way in a restaurant with my whole family present....which on its own has made it such a memorable event. I knew straight away though that she had passed a poo inside me as it was bright green as you had said to us and so didn't get worried but stayed calm.


My family were hysterical and I ended up being the point of calm delegating them their roles (I was due to do a pilates class at Rowan House In a few house so needed to organise cover etc), and feeling actually very excited about the whole situation.


Contractions near enough started straight away, and kept building continuously. I spent a little time in the sun in the garden then when Ady got home we headed off to the James Paget with a calm sunny journey using TENs and having 3 minutes apart contractions already at this point.

We arrived to be told due to the poo I couldn't have a waterbirth and had to be on central delivery suite on a monitor the whole time on my back. We calmly questioned it, and for future reference JPUH don't have a monitor in that can be used in the water after the first doctor saw Aoife was very calm she let me go into high kneeling position and there I remained for 6 hours in my own trance.
The midwife said maybe two words to me, I didn't meet her until the pushing started!  Ady went through breathing techniques (counting mostly) and his own visualisation strategies personal to us which were fab. He also rubbed the base of my back solidly for 6 hours too, and that formed the most of our conversation 'up a bit, no down a bit'... I actually think he was physically more exhausted than me after it all! He kept plying me with water and snacks which kept me going. I also had the hypnobirthing cd on repeat the while time which was my saviour but I am sure drove Ady and the midwife mad!!


When talking about pain, I would say I didn't experience any...apart from when I had to have an episiotomy due to their guidelines for meconium in waters saying not to leave me pushing for over 90 mins which was a shame. No forceps thankfully but kiwi for two surges. I genuinely didn’t feel in pain, each surge I told myself it was getting me closer to the end, and knowing what the feeling was physiology really helped me understand and accept it. Pain relief options didn’t even enter my head.


I was happy in high kneeling over the head of the bed, and between surges I even fell asleep and had to stop myself telling Ady about my dreams!  Insane when I think about it now!   When she came out I kept just thinking, is this is? Have I just done that? Get me a cuppa! And I was as high as a kite, like I was on morphine for a good 26 hours afterwards.






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