Janey's birthing experience



Just wanted to thank you again for all your guidance prior to delivering our son.


I had the most amazing labour, I actually didn't think a labour could be as lovely as it was. I'd happily do it all over again, I didn't find it traumatic at all. 


The techniques you taught us, gave me control throughout the whole labour. I was able to have a normal conversation between each contraction with my husband and our midwife. It gave us both time to relax and rest ready for the next contraction. I went from 4cm to delivering in 12 minutes, it must have been because my body was so relaxed, it sped it up for me. The most amazing part was I was so composed I was able to look down and see the baby's head be delivered, then his shoulders. This was the best feeling ever!


I only needed one stitch and felt I could walk over to blakeney after (although I was told I best not so I went in a wheelchair!). I think I didn't tear much again because I was in such a relaxed state. 


The techniques that worked best for me were visualisation, breathing, sitting on the birthing ball and my husband's massage on my lower back/sacrum (you said this one would work and it absolutely did!) . On the couple of times I lost my focus the pain was so much worse but my partner managed to bring me back and I regained control. 


We cannot recommend your course more. When I look back on my labour it was one of the most positive experiences of my life. I honestly didn't think a labour could be like this after the labour I had with my daughter. 


I always thought other people had good labours and I didn't have it in me to be in control like I was - but I did. I had to trust in the techniques I'd learnt from you and they worked on the day! Our midwife said it was such a fantastic, chilled and easy birth which made their job really easy which made me very proud. I think the baby has also benefitted from the wonderful labour because he is so settled.


Thank you so much! Keep doing what you're doing, you were born to teach HypnoBirthing - we adore you! 






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