Amy's story

Amy started having regular mild back pains at 0400, they were about 3 minutes apart straight away and lasted about 40-50 seconds.  We started playing Judith’s Mantra straight away and started burning lavender essential oils and josticks. At about 0630 Amy had a short bath then got out and had some food.  The surges were remaining the same time apart and length but the intensity was very very slowly increasing so at about 0830 Amy had another bath all the time smelling her lavender scents and listening to the mantra, at this point I did a few things around the house and left her to relax (which in hindsight was good as it ensured she got right into her zone without distraction).  At 1050 we called MLBU as the surges were still increasing in intensity but were by no means bad, not painful, about a 3/10 in intensity, we thought we were in latent phase as there was no inkling of any surges before 0400. MLBU spoke to Amy and as she had mainly back pain in the bath they thought she might be back-to-back so advised she get out the bath and lay on her side on the bed with a TENS on and call them back in an hour.  Once she was on her side Amy said that she was getting pushing feelings, the surges went to about 4 minutes apart but we slightly more intense.  At 1145 Amy was violently sick in bed and so we called the MLBU back and they advised us to make our way in.  The surge after the vomit was Amy's most intense as she had been sick on her scented flannel so had to cope without her smells for that one but it only went up to a 5/10.  We then tried to get Amy dressed but that didn’t really happen! At about 1210 we had only managed to get on the floor at the end of the bed,

 Our beautiful baby girl was born at 1230 just as the ambulance crew walked up the stairs!







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