About me; Practising Midwife, Mother and Hypnobirthing Teacher.

Emma Dufficy-Rope, Norwich based:


Hypnobirthing practitioner; registered with the Association of Hypnobirthing Midwives.


Registered and Practising Midwife on Midwife Led Birth Unit (MLBU) at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.


Midwife, Mother and Hypnobirthing teacher.

I have been a Registered and practising Midwife at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital since 2000. For most of that time I have worked with women during  their birthing process. Initially this was on Delivery Suite and more recently, since it opened, the Midwife Led Birth Unit (MLBU). I qualified as a hypnobirthing teacher in 2015 and started my business in Norwich.


Over the years I have become increasingly concerned and frustrated by how women arrive at hospital in states of fear and panic because of the unfamiliar sensations they are experiencing. However, these strange bodily sensations are the normal biological events that happen as their bodies are preparing to perform the most incredible thing a woman's body can do- give birth to their baby! These changes are the sign that the birthing is underway and so should be seen as positive not negative.


However, due to the messages we all receive from a very young age, we are conditioned to expect birthing to be painful so, too often, it is just that.


After witnessing my daughter's amazing birthing experience I realised hypnobirthing is a way to help all women understand that birth need not be how it is portrayed in the media and through urban myth.


Birth can be calm and confident and empowering. I can assist you to achieve that experience.





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